Research & Development & Student

Hi, im Macrina Antonia, Co-founder Anisan and 2019 Alumni Kajire girls high school.

When Anisan was at idealization stage, i encountered a lot of challenges as a girl, ” let me just say it wasn’t that easy”. Thanks to Sotehub for incubating us and feeding us tonnes of useful information that enables us to top in the Startup-Challenge and win a trip to USA. Leter we qualified for a seed capital from WWF, which we express our heart full of gratitude to them.

Anisan has taught me a lot. which i don’t believe ill ever discard.

Anisan has established base connection with established entities in the world, From WWF to Sensing Clues to Sotehub, Individuals and many more.

We would wish to connect with you too.

Welcome to Anisan.